Coronavirus And What It Means For Your Home

With the coronavirus spreading, it is a smart idea to keep your home clean and sanitized to avoid bringing it into your home. Viruses like the coronavirus can spread by breathing in viral particles, touching contaminated surfaces, or being in contact with people who have the virus. Here are some ways you can keep the coronavirus out of your home and prevent spreading potentially harmful germs. 

Wash Your Hands 

When you return home after being out, it is good practice to immediately wash your hands. This can help avoid spreading any germs to others and avoid distributing germs to surfaces around your home. It is important to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to remove germs and chemicals. It is also best practice to regularly wash your hands outside of the home. Since hand washing isn’t always possible or convenient, use hand sanitizer. Keep hand sanitizer handy it in your car, purse, or diaper bag for those times hand washing isn’t possible. 

Sanitize Surfaces and Objects

Since hard surfaces tend to collect, incubate, and spread germs, it is important to regularly wipe down and sanitize surfaces that are touched often. Common surfaces that tend to accumulate germs are doorknobs, light switches, doorbells, and counters. There are various sanitizing sprays, cleaners, and wipes that can be used to make sanitizing easy. 

If you use an object both outside and inside your home, they are likely to bring germs into your home, like wallets, backpacks, electronics, and purses. If you can, throw those cloth backpacks and purses in the wash with hot water and detergent for a deep clean. When it comes to electronics, your cell phone tends to be the biggest attracter of germs and pose the biggest threat to your health. This is because we are constantly touching our phones and use them close to our face and mouth without cleaning them regularly. These objects should be sanitized regularly by using a sanitizing spray or wipe to avoid the accumulation of germs. 

Remove Your Shoes  

Shoes can track in all sorts of debris, bacteria, and germs. This is why it is a good habit to remove your shoes at the front door before tracking these pesky things around your home. It can sometimes be a hassle to remind family members and guests to remove their shoes, so hang up a cute sign at your door or in your entryway! 

Sanitize Your Floors 

The floors in your home are most likely dirtier than you think. Dirty floors can pose health risks for you and your family, like spreading viruses during flu season or causing breathing problems. Hard floors are more susceptible to clinging to harmful germs than carpets. Either kind of floors you have should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 18 months to ensure a deep clean to sanitize your floors and ensure a healthy environment. Learn more about why you should have your floor professionally cleaned


To help keep your floors clean in between those professional cleanings, you should sweep and vacuum at least once a week. For those hard floors that are more likely to cling to germs, you should mop with a sanitizing solution at least once a week during flu season. 


Prevention starts in your home. Take these precautions measures to prevent bringing viruses like coronavirus into your home right now and during cold and flu season. Your home should continue to feel like a safe haven to you and your family, especially during the coronavirus influx. 

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