Carpets are one of the most common flooring types in American homes. Even though they offer a cozy, warm feel, it is important to perform regular maintenance to keep them that way. One of the most important parts of carpet maintenance is having your carpets professionally steam cleaned every six to 12 months.

The benefits of cleaning your carpets range from improving appearance and smell to improving your health and saving money in the long run. Here are five reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned professionally.

1. Improves Appearance

Who doesn’t like a clean looking home? While vacuuming and spot cleaning help remove the appearance of surface grime, steam cleaning your carpets is the most effective way to keep your carpets looking great deep down. After long winter months of tracking in rain, snow, and dirt, carpets can appear dingy, dirty, and worn out.

Cleaning your carpets can remove embedded dirt and rejuvenate your carpets to its bright, soft appearance. Having your carpets steam cleaned can immediately give your home a fresh look and feel.

2. Eliminates Odors

Carpets cling to smells and odors, which can eventually affect the overall aroma of a home. This is especially the case with homes that have pets because pet dandruff, urine, and feces are one of the most difficult odors to remove.

Professional cleaning companies have the equipment, chemicals, and training to safely and effectively remove these odors to improve the smell of your carpet and home. 

3. Health Benefits  

In addition to trapping odors, carpets also trap allergens, dust particles, and bacteria. These small particles can cause sinus, nasal, and breathing issues, like asthma and allergies.

When these contaminants are not removed, they tend to embed deep inside carpet fibers and can cause health issues, especially in small children and people with pre-existing health issues. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned can remove these toxic particles and improve your family’s health.

4. Prevention

Some issues that professional carpet cleaning can prevent are dust mite infestations and mold growth. Dust mites are microscopic insects that are one of the most common triggers for asthma and allergies. They reside in multiple areas of the home, but the best way to prevent them from residing in your home is by regularly cleaning your carpets. Carpets are also susceptible to developing mold growth.

Homes in areas with high humidity levels, regular rainfall, and long months of snow are even more at risk for mold growth. Consistent carpet cleaning on a bi-yearly basis can help prevent mold from growing in your carpet.

5. Saves Money

By having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis, it can help prolong the lifetime of your carpet, which in turn saves you money. As previously stated, carpets tend to accumulate dirt, allergens, dust, and other debris that can get deeply embedded in the fibers.

These embedded particles can lead to the carpet fibers splitting and deteriorating. This can be prevented by removing this kind of buildup periodically. These kinds of debris are also more likely to adhere to already dirty carpet fibers than clean fibers. Trusted professional carpet cleaners use methods that include chemicals and hot steam or hot water to effectively remove the embedded debris within the carpet fibers which can extend the life of your carpet.