Professional Window Cleaning

Idaho Steam Cleaning provides professional window cleaning for both residential and commercial units. Many window cleaning services may want to take the easy route and only pay close attention to the outside or inside of your windows, but we refuse to settle for mediocre work. At Idaho Steam Cleaning we strive to show our customers what real professional window cleaning should look like, and promise to leave your windows looking spotless.

When using our window cleaning services, both sides of your windows are thoroughly cleaned and squeegeed removing all dirt, grime, and residue, but we don’t stop there. Your window sills are wiped down to remove all remaining dust, cobwebs, and dead insects. We even take care of hard water spot removal.

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We Use the Best Equipment for Best Results

In order to provide you and your family with the best experience possible, we make sure we provide a window cleaning service that gets the job done, while using the correct products and equipment. Our equipment is the best in the business and we use chemicals and cleaning products that are both tailored to your needs and safe for your family and the environment.

We know the difference clean windows can make in a home. With better light coming in, and a better view of the outdoors looking out, clean windows can leave your home feeling spacious and airy. While changing your experience within your home, clean windows can also change others view of your home from the outside. Professional window cleaning is especially helpful when trying to sell a home or just to revive your home from the winter season into a new, bright spring.

Extend Your Windows Life

It’s not a secret that getting your windows professionally cleaned saves huge amounts of your time, but it also has a few other benefits people often forget about. When using our professional window cleaning services we are able to spot general problems with your windows that if spotted early, could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. We can also remove the small insect infestations that often occur around window sills. By getting up close and personal with your windows, we may also be able to find the source of your window spots. Finally, using our window cleaning services will restore your windows and help extend the life of your window altogether.

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